Rihanna & Majesty at her Christening

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You cannot tell me that some of these don’t sound like actual articles.

In case you missed it.

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Rebuild Black Wall Street.

Rebuild black communities.

Rebuild black schools.

Support black owned businesses.

Support black artists.

Support black people.

Educate black youth.

Be the black that they fear most.

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lil’ sis helpin’ big sis wit’ da hair. 

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I’m scared of being a black woman who loves black men . I am afraid that one day I will fall in love with a handsome black man. I am scared to say yes. When one day he has decided that i am the one. I am scared that i will love him and lose him.  I scared that one day someone will see him as a threat and take him away from me. I am scared to fall in love with a strong handsome black man. i am scared that one day our love will come together and create a strong chestnut son. I am scared that someone will find the strength in his presence, threatening. The strength that he exudes on sight.